February 25, 2013

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When anime conventions were originally created, they were made for college student age and up.  In recent years anime and cosplay have become a haven for high school students, but very few have been organized by young adults.  Here are two anime conventions organized by high school students and supervised by teachers and staff at their high schools:

SAN JOSE, CA.  Branham Anime Club presents its fifth Chibicon on Saturday, March 23rd at Branham High School, located at 1570 Branham Lane in San Jose, California.  On-site admission is $8 with ASB and $10 without.  Its 2012 convention has an age restriction for adults not accompanied by a minor as 25 years of age, but there is no information on whether or not this age restriction will be continued for the 2013 event.  More information can be found on the Branham Anime Club page on Facebook or by contacting Branham High School at (408) 626-3407.

ANTIOCH, CA. Anime Society of Antioch High presents its 2013 ASAHiCon  event on Saturday, April 13th at Antioch High School, located at 700 West 18th Street in Antioch, California.  On-site admission is $5 with student ID and $7 without.  Further information can be found on the ASAHiCon website or by contacting Antioch High School at (925) 706-5300.

CONVENTION TIP #10:  PARENTS!  If you were an anime fan or have a child that is into anime, take the opportunity to learn or continue to learn what the fandom is all about.  Mainstream media point out the negative and the freakish side of anime fandom, but there are two sides to everything.  Instead of giving your children some money to spend and dropping them off at the convention like it’s daycare (or weekend-care in some cases), take an interest in your child’s hobby and be a fan together.  Some conventions encourage parents to attend with their children and provide “parent-in-tow” badges at a discounted rate.  Keep in mind that some subject matters and activities at conventions may not be suitable for younger audiences, so do your research and use your own discretion.

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