October 15, 2011
CONVENTION WATCH: November 2011 California Anime Conventions

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Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 15, 2011).  Comikaze Expo announces its first large-scale multi-media and pop culture convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center on November 5-6, 2011.  Guests include Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and horror movie vixen Elvira Mistress of the Dark.  Anime guests include Hellsing voice actor Stephen Weese, Neon Genesis Evangelion voice actor Spike Spencer, and World of Warcraft and Naruto voice actor Chris Smith.  Weekend passes start at $20 with other passes available for Express seating, VIP and Tournament registrations.  Source:  Comikaze Website (delivr.com/18xay).

Covina, CA (Oct. 15, 2011).  Project 760 Productions’ Otaku Bowl will be holding its 2nd Southern California event at the Brunswick Covina Bowl at 1260 W. San Bernardino Avenue in Covina, CA.  The $20 registration will include pizza, drinks, bowling shoe rental and up to two hours of bowling.  Raffle prizes will be given out to everyone registered at the event provided by Pacific Media Expo and cosplayers are encouraged to dress as their favorite character. Source:  Otaku Bowl Website (

Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 15, 2011).  Pacific Media Expo will be returning to its Los Angeles location at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport on November 11-13, 2011.  Guests include Japanese music group ‘D’, dolldelight designer Cyril Lumboy, Tenchi Muyo voice actress Petrea Burchard and Blazblue and K-ON voice actress Christina Vee.  Additional events include PMX’s Fashion Swap Meet, Food Truck program and Cosfest masquerade event and an Anime Music Video contest.  SOURCE:  Pacific Media Expo website (delivr.com/18xbg).

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September 24, 2011
NEWSBYTE: Animation, Manga and Music Announces 2012 Pre-Registration Contest

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Sept. 24, 2011).  Animation, Manga and Music announced a pre-registration contest for their Passport system.  According to a press release by Chase Wang on Friday, attendees that register for a Passport will be automatically entered for a drawing to win prizes including tickets to see Miyavi and Dir En Grey in concert.  Admission to AM^2’s second year event is still free, but Passports allow its holders to fastrack lines and receive discounts at restaurants, retailers and amusement parks.  Source:  AM^2 Website (http://delivr.com/191xn).

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September 14, 2011
NEWSBYTE: Animation, Manga and Music Announces 2012 Dates

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ANAHEIM, CA (Sept. 14, 2011).  Southern California’s only free convention in the anime community on Asian music, animation and comics announces their second year for Father’s Day Weekend.  With over 8,000+ unique attendees at its 2011 event, Animation, Manga and Music- Also known as AM²- returns to the Anaheim Convention Center on June 15-17, 2012.  In a press release by AM² Representative Chase Wang, he states that “Fans are going to be so thrilled with this announcement.”  

AM²’s free events will include the Exhibit Hall, Arcade, Summer Festival, Tabletop and Console Gaming and Dance.  Admission to the convention is free except for concerts and main events, which will require an event ticket or AM²’s Passport starting at a $25.00 pre-reg price until December 31st.  ”…We are proud to bring back this amazing 3 day event that celebrates Japanese music, anime and manga,” exclaims Wang.  ”We hope everyone comes down and joins us for this truly amazing and fun fan event!”

Source:  AM2 Website

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