July 25, 2013


A9ent 760 - Staff Writer / Jacky Lau - Photojournalist

LOS ANGELES, CA (Jul 4-7, 2013).  Anime Expo took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 4-7, 2013.  Guests in appearance included Good Smile Company founder Danny Choo, cosplay ambassador Alodia Gosiengfiao, and musical guest Pornograffiti.

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July 23, 2013


A9ent 760 - Staff Writer / Image Credit - Kraken Con

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA.  A new multi-genre single-day convention focusing on anime, cartoons and comics will be taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Kraken Con will be taking place on Saturday, October 5th at the South San Francisco Conference Center located at 255 South Airport Boulevard.

We have high aspirations to create a friendly, fun convention that fosters community,” says Kraken Con Director and Mastermind Lindsey Daugherty.  "We really hope to provide interesting, fun content to attendees that will entertain and maybe even educate.“

Current program offerings include exhibit hall, panels, interactive events including a cardboard robot building competition and a photo scavenger hunt.  Guests of Honor will be announced shortly.

We aim to bring fans from all backgrounds together to just enjoy the characters and stories- whether they are on paper, in Japanese or Saturday morning cartoons,“ says Daugherty.  

Pre-registration for Kraken Con attendees is $12 until September 1st.  Vendor and artist pre-registrations are also available. For more information, visit the Kraken Con website at http://www.krakencon.com.

CONVENTION TIP #9:  Don’t look like a mooch to friends and people that you meet at conventions by having some money saved up before heading to a convention.  Attendees generally carry enough money to buy the things they need and do not always have enough money to pay for other people.  As a general rule, carry enough money for meals, registration fees and lodging for each day that you are planning to attend.  For items that you wish to purchase in a convention’s vendor’s area, carry a minimum of $25 and for bigger ticket items, research the item online in advance and be prepared to pay the actual retail price in case you see it.

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June 14, 2013

NINJA-CON 2013:  Not Your Average Anime Con

A9ent 760 - Staff Writer / Jacky Lau - Photojournalist

Ninja-Con 2013 took place on June 8th at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Miyako Hotel and Anime Jungle in the heart of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district.  A grassroots effort in the true sense that also included the shopping areas of LA’s Japanese cultural area, Ninja-Con focused on the artists and performers inspired by anime and the anime, video game & cosplay convention culture, replacing the dealer’s room with Swap Meet and provided enough areas for cosplay photography and for fans to be themselves without the pressures and limitations of large-scale conventions.  Little Tokyo retailers also participated in making the single day convention experience an enjoyable one by providing discounts to Ninja-Con attendees who presented their badges or wrist bands.

Additional events included the Tokari Maid Lounge, comedy showcases featuring Jon Allen and voice actor appearances including Cristina Vee and Danielle McRae.  California-grown talents in the convention and cosplay community that were in appearance included The Shogunate, Takeriya Samurai and Chocolate Covered Cosplay.  The convention concluded with an after-hours event hosted at Jungle.

To see what you might have missed at this year’s Ninja-Con, visit their website at http://www.ninja-conla.org.  Plans for additional events throughout 2013 and its 2014 convention are in the works, so visit their website often.

April 15, 2013


A9ent 760 - Staff Writer

HONOLULU, HI.  Texas-based Oni-Con announced on April 11th that its first convention in Hawaii will take place on November 1st-3rd at the Hawaii Convention Center on 1801 Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu, on the island of O'ahu.  This will be Hawaii’s new convention on anime and Japanese pop culture, replacing HEX-XP which announced on February 8th that it will be closing its doors and will not be doing a 2013 show.

Partnering with Oni-Con for its inaugural event is Babel Entertainment.  The California-based company managed the live entertainment at HEX-XP, including video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and singer/voice actress Megumi Nakajima.

More information about Oni-Con Hawaii will be coming soon.  Current guest information, registration and program offerings can be found on their website at  http://www.oniconhawaii.com.

[ADDITIONAL SOURCE MATERIAL:  Honolulu Star-Advertiser]

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February 25, 2013

[Image Credit:  ASAHiCon]

A9ent 760 - Staff Writer

When anime conventions were originally created, they were made for college student age and up.  In recent years anime and cosplay have become a haven for high school students, but very few have been organized by young adults.  Here are two anime conventions organized by high school students and supervised by teachers and staff at their high schools:

SAN JOSE, CA.  Branham Anime Club presents its fifth Chibicon on Saturday, March 23rd at Branham High School, located at 1570 Branham Lane in San Jose, California.  On-site admission is $8 with ASB and $10 without.  Its 2012 convention has an age restriction for adults not accompanied by a minor as 25 years of age, but there is no information on whether or not this age restriction will be continued for the 2013 event.  More information can be found on the Branham Anime Club page on Facebook or by contacting Branham High School at (408) 626-3407.

ANTIOCH, CA. Anime Society of Antioch High presents its 2013 ASAHiCon  event on Saturday, April 13th at Antioch High School, located at 700 West 18th Street in Antioch, California.  On-site admission is $5 with student ID and $7 without.  Further information can be found on the ASAHiCon website or by contacting Antioch High School at (925) 706-5300.

CONVENTION TIP #10:  PARENTS!  If you were an anime fan or have a child that is into anime, take the opportunity to learn or continue to learn what the fandom is all about.  Mainstream media point out the negative and the freakish side of anime fandom, but there are two sides to everything.  Instead of giving your children some money to spend and dropping them off at the convention like it’s daycare (or weekend-care in some cases), take an interest in your child’s hobby and be a fan together.  Some conventions encourage parents to attend with their children and provide “parent-in-tow” badges at a discounted rate.  Keep in mind that some subject matters and activities at conventions may not be suitable for younger audiences, so do your research and use your own discretion.

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January 24, 2013
CONVENTION WATCH: Ninja-Con Inaugural Event


LOS ANGELES, CA.  (Jan. 24, 2013).  DBoy Productions, in association with Azure Lorica Productions and Raging Nerds, will be hosting its first Ninja-Con event on Saturday, April 6th at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center located at 244 South San Pedro Street in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district.  Confirmed Guests include voice actress Cristina Vee, vocalist/actress Xio and anime convention celebrities Chocolate Covered Cosplay group and San Francisco Bay Area based musical group The Shogunate.

Registration until March 23rd are $20 and will include a free t-shirt with pre-registration.  Vendor Registrations and Event Hours have not been announced on the Ninja-Con Website as of this article, but will be updated in the coming months before the convention.  A portion of the registration proceeds will benefit the Wildlife Waystation.

CONVENTION TIP #9:  Don’t look like a mooch to friends and people that you meet at conventions by having some money saved up before heading to a convention.  Attendees generally carry enough money to buy the things they need and do not always have enough money to pay for other people.  As a general rule, carry enough money for meals, registration fees and lodging for each day that you are planning to attend.  For items that you wish to purchase in a convention’s vendor’s area, carry a minimum of $25 and for bigger ticket items, research the item online in advance and be prepared to pay the actual retail price in case you see it.

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January 14, 2013



SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Jan. 14, 2013).  An update on the Mai-Con Facebook page announced that Mai-Con, the convention featuring Hatsune Miku as one of its guests, has “disbanded” until further notice.  Although, the wording of the announcement seems a little confusing.

Mai-Con is Disbanded till further notice,” according to a Mai-Con status update.  "Work will still be going on but the convention was not ready to be released. Work is being done to make this successful, but sadly this was not the time. I hope you all understand.“

Facebook status update on January 14, 2013 at approximately 2AM.  Source:  Facebook.com

Since the convention hasn’t started and no information about its organizers has been made public, it’s safer to say that the event has been postponed rather than disbanded.  The latter means that EVERYTHING about Mai-Con is stopping and the organizers have ‘broke up’… and if that’s the case, we shouldn’t be hearing anything more about the event.  But that’s just my two cents.

The fan page will remain on Facebook to take suggestions for the event and to promote anime and cosplay.

CONVENTION TIP #8:  Conventions invite guests of honor from a variety of industries and may do autograph signings.  Support their work by having an authentic copy of their work to sign.  Having a guest sign a bootleg item is considered an insult by the guests of honor.

January 9, 2013
NEWSBYTE: Animation on Display Announces Guest List



SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Jan. 8, 2013).  Animation on Display announces its first round of guests for its 10th year anniversary convention.  Among its guests of honor are Puella Magi Madoka Magica voice actors Christine Marie Cabanos and Cristina Vee, Dragonball Z voice actor Kyle Hebert, “The Lounge” web comic artist  John Joseco and Transformers: Robots in Disguise voice actor Neil Kaplan.  [UPDATE]  An extensive guest list can be found on the Animation on Display website.[UPDATE]

CONVENTION TIP #7:  Maintaining proper hygiene is essential to all social interactions at any convention.  Good oral hygiene (e.g., brushing and flossing teeth, using mouthwash) is recommended for maintaining spoken communication with people and even better personal hygiene (e.g., properly groomed hair, deodorant use and bathing regularly) will increase your chances at making more friends and decreasing the appearance of looking like a homeless urban dweller outside of the convention area.  For best results, perform these hygiene checks daily.

(Source: aodsf.org)

January 3, 2013
CONVENTION WATCH: Yaoi-Con Postponed to 2014



GARDENA, CA.  Digital Manga Inc., the presenters of Yaoi-Con, announced that they will be postponing their next convention to Spring 2014.

“We’ve identified many aspects we would like to update and improve, and doing so will require more than a year’s worth of preparation,” states Digital Manga Inc. President Hikaru Sasahara in a statement on Yaoi-Con’s website. “We are aware that spring is a busy time in the convention season, and we are working to accommodate the schedules of guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, and attendees. As soon as we have more information, we will pass it on to you.”

Yaoi-Con was transferred to Digital Manga Inc. in 2011 from Biseinen-ya of Northern California, who has been hosting Yaoi-Con in the San Francisco Bay Area since October 2001.  Digital Manga Inc. hosted its first Yaoi-Con on October 12-14, 2012 in Long Beach, California at the Westin Long Beach Hotel.

CONVENTION TIP #6:  If you want to get a good night’s sleep or a shower in before the next convention day, make sure that you have a way to get to your accommodations at any time.  Most hotels offer their guests a maximum of 4 key cards per room for a room with two beds.  While it is not encouraged to overcrowd hotel rooms, it is a common practice by many attendees in order to save money.  However, one of the major drawbacks is the varying schedules of everyone staying in the same hotel room.  If you are one of the unfortunate ones crashing in a hotel room and do not have a room key, have a method of contacting the people that have access to a room key so that you aren’t locked out.

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December 23, 2012
CONVENTION WATCH: 2013 California Conventions

A9ent 760 - Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Already planning your convention trips for 2013? The following conventions have announced their dates so that you can mark them on your calendar!

Anime Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) - Marriott Los Angeles Airport, Jan. 4-6, 2013.
Sac-Anime / Winter (Sacramento, CA) - Sacramento Convention Center, Jan. 4-6, 2013.
Bak-Anime (Bakersfield, CA) - Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center, Jan. 20, 2013.
Animation on Display (San Francisco, CA) - Hotel Kabuki, Feb. 16-17, 2013.
Anime Conji (San Diego, CA) - Town & Country Resort, Apr. 12-14, 2013.
Asahi Con (Antioch, CA) - Antioch High School, Apr. 13, 2013.
DaiCon (Davis, CA) - UC Davis Location TBA, May 4, 2013.
Fanime Con (San Jose, CA) -  McEnery Convention Center, May 24-27, 2013.
Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) - Los Angeles Convention Center, Jul. 4-7, 2013.
Kintoki-Con (Sacramento, CA) - Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza,  Jul. 27-28, 2013.
Kinyoobi-Con (Newark, CA) - Hilton Newark Hotel, Aug. 9-11, 2013.
AM^2/Anime Manga & Music (Anaheim, CA) - Anaheim Convention Center, Aug. 23-25, 2013.
Japan Expo USA (Santa Clara, CA) - Santa Clara Convention Center, Aug. 23-25, 2013. 
Sac-Anime / Summer (Sacramento, CA) - Sacramento Convention Center, Aug. 30-Sep. 1, 2013. 
Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo Presented By POW! Entertainment (Los Angeles, CA) - Los Angeles Convention Center, Nov. 1-3, 2013. 
Pacific Media Expo (Los Angeles, CA) - Hilton Los Angeles Airport, November 8-10, 2013 

No Dates Announced Yet…
Ani-Jam (Fresno, CA).  Previously held at the Fresno Convention Center.
Branham Chibicon (San Jose, CA).  Previously held at Branham High School.
Anime Five Cities (San Luis Obispo, CA) - Previously held at Ludwick Community Center.
Hyper-Con (San Mateo, CA) - Previously held at San Mateo Events Center.
Yaoi-Con (Long Beach, CA) - Previously held at Westin Long Beach Hotel.
Anime Destiny (Berkeley, CA) - Previously held at Martin Luther King Student Union/UC Berkeley.
AnimeIcon (Monterey, CA) - Previously held at Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa.

This list does not include Cherry Blossom Festivals or Japanese Cultural Festivals with anime programming content. Source:  Various.

CONVENTION TIP #5:  Shopping for supplies in advance for a convention visit will help you save time and money during con time.  Most hotels and event centers may not carry supplies that you may need and if they do, they get really pricey.  Whether you’re a cosplayer or attendee of any kind, insuring that all of your important supplies are in your stockpile before con will save you the headache of finding nearby places and give you more time to at the con to have a good time.

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