August 2, 2012

A9ent 760 - Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO, CA (Aug. 2, 2012).  Despite a blog entry on the Decepti-kon website stating that Decepti-kon will be returning in September 2012, a comment from the Director on a Facebook photo album post states otherwise.

On a posting in an album titled ‘Decepti-kon Headquarters,’ Facebook user profile ‘Sacramento Ghostbusters’ asks if Decepti-Kon is still planned to take place in September, to which Facebook user profile ‘Decepti-Kon Convention’ says ‘No,’ but has plans for 2013.

That being said, you can cancel Decepti-Kon 2012 from your convention schedule. What would have been nice to see on Decepti-Kon’s official website would have been an announcement to its visitors stating that the 2012 convention will not be taking place and that plans for next year are in the works.  As of this entry (Aug. 2, 10AM), their most recent site entry is an announcement that they are using QR codes to promote their event (Mar. 13, 10:26PM).

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